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August 1, 2017

Life Clean-Up Month

Danced in a street with tens of other strangers, lit a candle for my own happiness in the gorgeous cathedral 1000km away from home, said “I love you” for the first time in a long time, launched one of the biggest work projects in my career, took the first horse riding lesson… This might sound like a set of completely random things I did, but actually, it’s all connected to the topic of the month – life clean-up inside out. It was such a great and inspiring month, so let’s dig into the juicy details!
December 1, 2016

Personal Growth Month

It feels like November flew in a second. And I guess that this feeling has a lot to do with an enormous amount of studies and work I had to manage this month. Quite a few hours have been invested in two prospect projects, which was a risky bet on my side, but eventually, it all was worth the time. I'm currently closing both projects, yay! On the top of that, the end of November marks the deadline to submit 90% of my Bachelor's thesis. As you can see, November was an extreme roller coaster through writing blocks and jungle of motivation. But having that all in mind, I'm quite proud of myself for not letting all these challenges at work and university keep me from sharing these bits of my life with you guys! November 2016 round-up consists of short posts on personal growth, if you want to check all the posts that include other topics (a gift idea for the boyfriend, Tomas Lau story, money saving tip, relationship thoughts and so much more - make sure to visit 120 Percent Instagram.