August 1, 2017

Life Clean-Up Month

Danced in a street with tens of other strangers, lit a candle for my own happiness in the gorgeous cathedral 1000km away from home, said “I love you” for the first time in a long time, launched one of the biggest work projects in my career, took the first horse riding lesson… This might sound like a set of completely random things I did, but actually, it’s all connected to the topic of the month – life clean-up inside out. It was such a great and inspiring month, so let’s dig into the juicy details!




When things are crazy at work, things keep piling up at home as well. So bit by bit I started cleaning up my home space first. One corner at a time. I knew there was no way I could take care of everything at once, but one little thing at a time seemed manageable. So finally, after 6 months at the new apartment, I got the curtains, spruced up 13 cherry tomato bushes, and I even cleaned up the balcony to make that first cup of coffee in the morning so much better. These were the little things that became the first step to feeling lighter and happier.




With home finally feeling more welcomingit was about time to move my focus to dealing with the chaos inside. An overwhelming amount of work got me passively tired of everyone and everything. At some point, I was even taking naps during the day, because my body simply couldn’t take that pace anymore. Then one day I realized that I had seen only one person in 3 weeks. I wasn’t happy at all. Luckily, my summer trip to Berlin was about to start and that became the perfect opportunity to switch off.

Changing the environment always helped me to get my head straight. But this time I took it very seriously. All the clients were informed in advance about my vacation, I trained a wonderful assistant of mine to fill in, who made sure I’m not contacted unless it’s absolutely necessary, my sis took care of the doggie and home, I packed more than I needed, and off I went!

The time there helped me to relax, to look at the bigger picture, and that put so many things into place. I came back solid rock sure of what had to be my next steps and what it was that I was aiming for.

RECHARGING MY BATTERIES ⚡ Can you believe that for the whole year I haven’t had more than a few days in a row without any work? Since I enjoy my job, I never took that too much into consideration, but recent months were overloaded with work projects and I started feeling absolutely exhausted. Quality time off is just what I need to recharge right now. So for the past few days, I’ve been walking my exhaustion off during the days, spending evenings outside watching planes land with some wine, cheese, and long talks. I’ve been eating all the ice cream I wanted, been doing whatever I felt like, and even though I was itching to respond a few emails, I stayed away from work most of the time. And who cares that it’s raining today in Berlin, perfect opportunity to watch a good movie in bed! If you want to see all the little sweet things from this vacation, you can find it all in my Insta stories: @120pct

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Have you noticed what a huge effect people around us can have? I believe that friends who we choose to be around are directly affecting who we are going to become tomorrow. This is why I try to stay away from those who drag me down and stick to those who lift my spirit. Quality relationships make us stronger, inspire, encourage, and make us better in so many magnificent ways. Now that other areas of life were again getting in order, I spent another part of the month nurturing my relationships.

We often build up all the feelings inside of us, both negative and positive ones. Why should we over-complicate relationships? No need. So this month I also tried to be more open about my feelings and let people know right away because every feeling that is not expressed is another thing to carry on my shoulders. Simple “I love you” or “I care about you” made me feel so good. And while not hiding a disagreement or mixed feelings is not the easiest task, you’ll see that eventually, it leads to such a lighter and more open life.

I truly believe that people around me will be a big part of who I become. What matters is letting go of the past and focusing on those, who I can see as a part of my future.

TODAY I’M THANKFUL || Clean-up month: no.19 I never though of myself as someone scared of relationships, NEVER. But the past year showed me many things can change in an instance. Life happened and here I was, feeling scared to my bones of starting anything new, full of doubts, fairs and other bagage I took with me when walking out. ❤ Today I’m thankful to someone who met me at my worst and who still persisted on bringing back my belief in the relationship and love itself. Who helped me heal as a woman and as a partner. Who helped me bring down all the walls I built up around me. ❤ Today I’m also thankful to the past relationship, because if not for it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. ❤ Today I’m thankful to the life for once again showing me that I should have a bit more trust in its ways to make things work out for the best.

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And finally… some work clean-up!

For years I’ve tried so many different online tools and planners, but eventually, I always end up using my own system built simply in Excel. Only this month I switched things a bit and instead of prioritizing by urgency/project only, I started using a full Eisenhower Matrix, which helps figure out the tasks that should be done now, later, delegated or put as trivial. Simple, easy, and to be completely honest, this is all that you possibly might need when organizing your work tasks.

When I was on vacationa huge break-through happened at work. For years I’ve been working alone and I could barely imagine someone else working on behalf of me. I guess I was afraid of trusting someone else’s ability to put just as much effort, responsibilityand heart into what I had built. And this was the first time I had decided to hand over not only all the tasks but also the communication with the clients and other freelancers to someone else. And, of course, it went just fine. Most of the time all our fears and doubts are only in our own heads! It was the best incentive to start reorganizing my work so I could focus on the high importance tasks from now on. It became one of the best career decisions so far, as it gave me the opportunity and time to work on growing what had been built so far. Only now, with the help of someone else. I’m so excited for what’s to come, it feels just the right step at the right time.

The first thing I did after the vacation was signing up for the horse riding lesson. I knew that there was no way I could do any work-related thinking while training as it included animals that I loved, and it’s a great exercise. Since it was also a long delayed dream of mine, I had a feeling that it was going to be just what I needed. But, oh boy, you should have seen the smile it put on my face after the first lesson. Nothing else turns off my work-brain so effectively because all I can think of for that whole hour is how to stay in the saddle. It helps me to make sure I don’t burn out and the best part is that I get to exercise without having to drag myself to the gym. What could be better?



Whether we want it or not, once in a while we lose the direction and that’s completely fine because we don’t live in a sterile bubble. Just think for a second of millions of possibilities you are surrounded by that shape the life. This is why the clean-up month is something we should practice once in awhile, just to make sure we don’t lose that bigger picture and our true direction. 


What is the one thing that you would like to clean-up in your life? 

  • Aure
    Posted at 06:17h, 02 August Reply

    Šauniai tvarkaisi! Man labai patiko posakis, kad geras vadovas yra ne tas kuris sugeba viską gerai ir laiku padaryti, o tas kuris sugeba užtikrinti, kad net kai jo nėra viskas būtų gerai ir laiku padaryta. Laukiame tęsinio 🙂

    • Iveta
      Posted at 06:56h, 02 August Reply

      Ačiū, Aurelija! Dar to mokytis ir mokytis, bet džiaugiuosi, kad pavyksta judėti, atrodo, teisinga linkme 🙂 Rugpjūtį kaip tik dirbsiu ties karjeros tema, tad turėtų būti proga giliau pagvildenti šitą klausimą.

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